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NFPtweetup 7: Dogs Trust Twibbon Fundraising

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Last, but by no means least, we heard from Jacqui O'Beirne from Dogs Trust about how to fundraise using social media with its Valentine's Day Twibbon campaign.




  • @dogstrust did you get any neg reactions? no if you go on the page, you dont have to donate - they had a choice. #nfptweetup


  • #NFPtweetup Would @dogstrust try Twibbon fundraising again? Next plan to integrate online/offline campaign for capital appeal.


  • Force people to donate? on social media if you give people an incentive to donate they will, we dont normally ask money online #nfptweetup


  • Twibbon first... ask after! #NFPtweetup 


  • Generate enough money to feed dogs across centres for 3 weeks! #NFPtweetup 


  • Any success with timed tweets? Different audiences at different times of the day... #NFPtweetup 


  • 1st time in 2 years @dogstrust fundraised through Twitter. Exciting to see they can fundraise on Twitter #NFPtweetup 


  • Why it worked - great existing community @dogstrust @justgiving, clear call to action, low effort, timely on V-Day #NFPtweetup 


  • Average donations for Twibbon campaign was 6 quid, 10% of those who got a Twibbon donated #NFPtweetup 


  • Successful experiment! Average donation £6 - proposition £2.50 #NFPtweetup 


  • @dogstrust 2320 page views which is good for a small campaign #nfptweetup


  • Give people an idea of what your money can do... 6,040 click throughs from the Twibbon link #NFPtweetup 


  • @dogstrust focus Twibbon campaign on Valentine's Day - where people can show their love for dogs through donations #NFPtweetup 


Break out group:


  • @dogstrust personal profiles can get blurred with work! tagged as a "charity person" - but can't be one voice #nfptweetup


  • @dogstrust we dont keep track of people lost on social media, but we think we know our audience well #nfptweetup


  • Good to be honest to your depts if certain things do not work on social media - it's not always the right place  #nfptweetup


  • @dogstrust comms team didn't actually know how to do social media! nice though that they are slowly understanding its value #nfptweetup


  • @dogstrust campaign shows social media does work in their charity, persevere with your org depts, soon they will see the benefits. 


  • Change in org attitude? yes more relaxed, at first social media tried to approach other depts, now depts approach them! #nfptweetup


  • Taken a good year to be "flowery" on social media, different to doing campaigns offline! chance to talk about the brand.  #nfptweetup


  • You need to talk to ppl differently on social network sites. FB ppl are only interested in dogs, twitter ppl like to discuss @dogstrust. 


  • 500k on own website get an email detailing where @dogstrust are online - good way to draw people to your social network sites! 


  • The breakout group for @dogstrust is very useful for those who are new to doing social media campaigns. hard work but fun & learning 


  • @dogstrust because we are new to this, we had more flexibility on what we did


  • @dogstrust wouldnt put a twibbon appeal on remembrance day - too many avatars! #nfptweetup


  • @dogstrust justgiving works better than paypal, less registration forms needed filling in & it more known than your own site #nfptweetup


  • @dogstrust so few people donate for no reason - give them a reason and to make an achievement #nfptweetup



What everyone else had to say...




  • justgiving: #NFPtweetup 'Using guest tweeters' - nice idea that just came out of the Dogs Trust breakout group. Anyone tried this?


  • ClaireRollo I agree useful @ncvo RT @dogstrust: having colleagues on twitter is useful to provide different points of views 4 the charity. #nfptweetup


See Dogs Trust's presentation on NFPtweetup slideshare.

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