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NFPtweetup 7: Active Fat campaign

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The dedicated @NFPtweetup Twitter scribes captured the action from each presentation, and then later during the break out groups.


To kick off the night we heard from Joe Freeman from Diabetes UK and Laila Takeh from The British Heart Foundation with their run down of the Active Fat campaign, and the benefits of collaborative social media.


Active Fat presentation:


  • @diabetesuk and @thebhf discuss the benefits of the collaborating together... and the non-gender specific belly fat! #NFPtweetup


  • @josephfreeman discusses the video & animations for the #activefat campaign and the landing platform for 3 charity websites #NFPtweetup 


  • Simplicity of Youtube gets the thumbs up from @diabetesuk and @thebhf #NFPtweetup


  • Results: Great success! Over 20,000 visits and approx. 18,000 unique visits #activefat #NFPtweetup


  • How did working together impact on the campaign - 5 times as long having to sign off and gain a proportional impact


  • @diabetesuk and @thebhf: Cost effectiveness of working together throughout the campaign. Ongoing knowledge sharing! #NFPtweetup


  • #activefat = collaborating meant three times the voice! #NFPtweetup


  • @diabetesuk - "BBC 3rd biggest charity campaign"


  • Shared knowledged by collaborating and managed to gather contacts - stronger PR relationships #NFPtweetup.


  • Curious about time scale? - @diabetesuk & @thebhf there was slippage in time scale and launch date, overall 3 months


Break out group:


  • Discussing who did what in the #activefat campaign with @thebhf @cr_uk and @diabetesuk #NFPtweetup


  • Collaborative campaigns can work better if charities have a smaller budget to work with #NFPtweetup - buying power of three charities!


  • How to measure success over and above video views? #activefat #NFPtweetup 


  • #activefat may have been a complicated user journey with 3 calls to action and 3 charity sites to visit. #NFPtweetup


  • #activefat about spreading the word and spreading across social networks and reaching the right audience #NFPtweetup


  • Collaborative approach = maximise audience #NFPtweetup 


  • Animations meant brand didn't play a part - not brand specific, engaging. Charities in the footer. #activefat #NFPtweetup


  • Who managed the 'to do' list? #activefat


  • Great discussion with @diabetesuk and @thebhf in the justfeedback room even if the two way mirror is a tad disconcerting! #NFPtweetup


  • #activefat early days in the campaign to assess data. data capture not top of the agenda perhaps? maybe a missed trick #NFPtweetup


  • ROI dificult to measure amongst three charities and three different audiences... not sure what to expect. #NFPtweetup


  • How is the message shared for #activefat? Difficult to measure growth beyond social networks at this point in the campaign. #NFPtweetup


  • Need to schedule more time for the sign off process across the three charities. #activefat #NFPtweetup


  • How to take the campaign further? Evaluation, pitch for fundraising and build on original message #activefat #NFPtweetup


  • Videos no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds... Discussing how to condense message in such a short time! #NFPtweetup 


  • How many comments on youtube? Need to make more use of youtube as a platform instead of just video host #NFPtweetup


  • Youtube's nfp channel can take months to get approved! #NFPtweetup


What everyone else had to say…


  • leahmouse: Shared prevention message helped 3 charities communicate the activefat campaign. Timescale slipped because of complex signoffs #nfptweetup


  • paulhenderson: Talking collaborative working in the #activefat (?) Campaign #nfptweetup


  • leahmouse: Activefat = character-led, engaging with issue, not with individual charity brands. Part of wider shared work #nfptweetup


  • suzineill: Cross collaboration of charities allow for greater reach on social media #nfptweetup


  • publiczone: Collaborative social media and Comms in general more cost effective due to amplification says @thebhf #nfptweetup


See the Active Fat presentation on the NFPtweetup slideshare.


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