25 February 2009 - 2nd event

This is a new page to capture the content, insights and learnings from the event last night.


Event Feedback:


If you attended the event on the evening, listened to the live broadcast on Christian Aid radio and/ or took part online on the night, please let us have your feedback by completing the survey.  Click Here to take survey


If you have blogged about the event and/ or shared any photos or video online, please add the links here (the podcast of the radio broadcast will be added as soon as it's available - and this will fill in any blanks from the night when the radio link had timed out).


Blog posts:


Ed Walker

Howard Lake

Bright One

Kevin Baughen

Paul Henderson


The Slideshow:


Click here to view slideshow.


We will also be using this page to capture the conversations and learnings that came out of the night.  Please feel free to contribute either within the sections below or by creating your own - if you think we need one.  This will also be a good way to help us set the agenda for the next NFPtweetup.


We circulated a survey to get feedback from everyone that participated either by attending the event in London, the event in Birmingham and/ or participated online.


The Groups:


If you participated in one of these group discussions (most people participated in two), please add your name below the group name and include details of what you discussed or learned, any questions you might still have or areas you need to explore further.  Considering whether we need separate pages for each group.  Only concern with this is that we might be making content more difficult to find on the wiki.  Suggest starting like this and we can create separate pages if we need to, as content is added.  If you think different, say so here!


1. Twitter tools



2. Usage


3. Fundraising



Fundraising tools



4. Integration


5. Reputation & policy